7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying

The consumer society has made us compulsive buyers. It creates needs in us without our even realizing it. Mainly through advertising, it pushes us to always want more. Look around and count what is really necessary in your life and what is superficial. In other words, the consumer society lets us believe that all desire becomes a need. But what is the distinction between needs and wants? Needs cannot wait, while desires do, not immediately procuring something that is a desire has no real impact on our daily life. While not being able to meet our needs can have serious consequences on it.

We have often touched on the subject of the budget and we now know that the key to being successful in maintaining a healthy budget is to always keep our income above our expenses. However, the reality is often quite different, but what questions can help us reasonably buy what is needed. Here are 7 questions to guide you when shopping.

  • Does your budget allow this expense?
  • Can you repay your loan without hurting your budget? If you use credit, will you be able to fully repay your expense before the deadline?
  • Did you practice the 30 second rule? Use the famous 30 second rule for an item under $ 20, take the desired item in your hands and wait 30 seconds if you still think you really need it, take it. For an object that exceeds $ 20, wait 30 days before buying it and after this delay, if it is still necessary, go get it.
  • Can you buy this used item? This way you will be able to make huge savings.
  • What will this item bring you? Is it really important to get it now or can it wait?
  • Does this purchase contravene your financial priorities?
  • Is it a need or a desire?

All of these questions can guide you to thoughtful purchases that won’t go against your budget plan and financial goals. Know that it is possible to learn to control your spending one step at a time. To have a stable and vulnerable financial life, we must inevitably learn to live below our means. Moreover, this will be the only way to manage to save in the near future. You have to relearn how to buy out of need and not just for pleasure.