A convenient loan – which is what?

When we think about loans, we most often think that a good loan is a cheap one. However, we often forget that it should also be comfortable. But what is a comfortable loan and how can we choose it in the maze of available offers?

Borrowing money is not a bad thing – we borrow from relatives, but often also from banks and non-bank loan companies. When we do not have adequate cash to cover expenses, a loan is a proven choice. Now we can even receive it over the Internet, i.e. we do not have to leave the house to receive it.

When we want to take out a good loan, we should remember a few things – costs are very important here, but they should not be one factor, because convenience also matters. What is a conventional loan?

A convenient loan, i.e. easily available

Let’s start with the fact that a comfortable loan should be easily accessible, i.e. it should be easy to take out. Today, finding such an offer is not very difficult, because most cash loans, both bank, and non-bank, can be obtained on clear, simple to meet conditions.

In the case of loans for lower amounts, most often the ID card itself is enough, i.e. you do not need to provide any additional documents, for example from the employer. It does not mean that the loan is granted only based on proof. Loan companies and banks also check clients in databases such as BIK or BIG. When we have an unpaid debt, we may not get a loan. In this situation, we can look for loans without BIK, but they are already much more expensive because they are riskier for the lender.

An easily available loan is also an internet loan – you can get it without leaving your home, often even during the weekend, so we cannot arrange everything right away and we can have money at home in a dozen or so minutes. It is worth noting that non-bank internet loans are more easily available than bank ones – to get a loan online at a bank, we must be its client.

A convenient loan, i.e. with an easy-to-play installment

The amount of installment is another factor about the convenience of the loan  Of course, we can take a payday loan when we need a smaller sum, but if we borrow more than PLN 1,000, it is best to opt for an installment loan.

Thanks to the spread of the loan into installments, we can pay off our debt even easier, because the installments will not pose a threat to the stability of the home budget.

We can usually determine the installment amount ourselves – for online loans, it is enough to use special calculators or sliders. The system will then immediately calculate the installment amount and the overall loan costs for us.

A convenient loan, i.e. individually adjusted

Let’s also not forget that a comfortable loan should be individually tailored to the client’s needs – this means that it should allow you to choose the amount of the installment, as we have already mentioned, but also allow you to pay off ahead of time without incurring additional fees, it can also give you the option to suspend installment payments – the so-called credit holidays.